Interquartz 9281P Red (10 button)


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Programmable telephone 9281P (ten button)
The programmable telephone does not have a keyboard, you can only dial preprogrammed numbers. This way you avoid making calls without authorization or facilitate the use of callers from the terminal. These Interquartz telephones are commonly called supermarkets, banks, public administrations, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.
These programmable telephones can only be programmed with specialized equipment, be sure to order the terminals programmed by you or buy an Interquartz Keyboard Emulator to do it yourself.

Available in red and grey
Key features include:
• Up to 10 flash memories.
• Without keyboard
• Bell indicator light
• Ring volume adjustment
• Ring tone setting
• Compatible hearing aid
• Wall-mountable: no additional support is required


Request a price for programming (not included)

  • Model: 9281PH05
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