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Gateway BERONET BF6400box is the hybrid solution you are looking for.

This Gateway provides hardware to connect ISDN analog lines (BRI and PRI) and GSM lines to a SIP-based system.
This equipment is very flexible thanks to its modular design that allows the connection of different analog ports, ISDN, PRI and GSM.

• Compatible codecs: G.723.1, G.729 a, G.726, G.711 u / a
• G.168 / G.165 Echo cancellation with echo cancellation (up to 128ms)
• Detection and generation of DTMF digits
• Fax Retransmission T.38 (V.27, V.29 and V.17)
• SIP over TCP
• SRTP and TLS (available in Q4 2010)
• DSS1, EuroISDN conformant

It is available with these three densities:
* BF400box: Berofix Box 400 (16 voice channels, 4 Fax, 4 Tablets)
* BF1600box: Berofix Box 1600 (64 voice channels, 16 Fax, 16 Tablets)
* BF6400box: Berofix Box 6400 (120 voice channels, 32 Fax, 64 Tablets)

For its correct operation you need additional modules:
Compatible modules available:

* BF4S0: berofix 4 port BRI / S0 (ISDN)
* BF1E1: berofix 1 port E1 / PRI
* BF2E1: berofix 2 port E1 / PRI
* BF4FXO: berofix 4 port FXO
* BF4FXS: berofix 4 port FXS
* BF2S02FXS: berofix 2 port BRI / S0 (ISDN) + 2 port FXS
* BF2GSM: berofix 2 port GSM

All modules are supplied separately.

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