Avaya TN2464CP DS1 INTFC 24/32 Refurbished 700394802


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Avaya TN2464CP DS1 INTFC 24/32 - Refurbished. P/N 700394802

The Avaya TN2464CP is a DS1 interface circuit pack that supports DS1 rate (24-channel) and E1 rate (32-channel) digital facilities. In ISDN-PRI applications, the ISDN D-channel connects to a TN778 packet control and the TN765 packet processor interface (R7 or later si) or the TN1655 packet interface (R7r or later) via the LAN bus.

The Avaya TN2464CP has CO, TIE, DID, OPS (Off - Premises Stations) port types that uses robbed signal protocol, proprietary bit-oriented signaling, (BOS) 24th channel signaling protocol, and the DMI-BOS 24th channel signaling protocol.

Firmware download feature requires use of the TN799C C-LAN interface.

If you have any questions about the Avaya TN2464CP you can call us on +34 91 845 98 62 or send us an email to admin@greentelecoms.com.


  • Model: Avaya TN2464CP DS1 INTFC
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